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65 San Pedro de Macorís, San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republ...
Seeking: Female 18 - 37
EDITADO PARA TI... ESTE DÍA.. 24/09/23 ¡Cancelé mi membresía! ¿Demasiados perfiles SIN RESPUESTAS? Mostrando sólo fotos de belleza... Hay más contenido... y espiritualidad... dentro... que en toda la belleza exterior. La Verdadera Belleza... es irradiada... como un FARO de Luz... Amor... Pureza... Honestidad... y Espíritu Donante... por el FUEGO INTERIOR... desde el Corazón... dando la Presencia. de la Verdadera Belleza. Amor.. comprensión. devoción... "inteligencia! Soy Sapiosexual Y buscando espiritualmente" .. ¿Estás buscando seriamente? ¿Puedes hacer AMOR... de la nada... en absoluto? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1rpgDojWBg Simplemente... Mándame un Me Gusta.. con mensaje de contenido.. Tentame... a querer UNIRME.. SÓLO para leer.. un mensaje del Espíritu.. de la Espontaneidad,,,!!! si esta en el alineamiento.. de las Estrellas.. los Planetas.. un Cometa.. y la Vaca Salta Sobre la LUNA. Debo unirme OTRA VEZ para LEER... y conocer a una jovencita muy preciosa. ¿O no? Todo es prerrogativa de las mujeres. ¡como debería ser! Hello and Thank you... it is My Pleasure to have you… venture into my profile Page. (My NOVEL) and hopefully … You WANT to capture MY HEART!! that Make me want.. to join Cupid Again... One Last Time. ONLY to Meet YOU! I am looking for... a Mature Joven "SITA" up to... 37 years old... If ONLY for the possibility. For us to know more… about each other. My Profile is long. I apologize.. and HOPE.. it does not bore you.. to fall asleep. It shows you.. tells the person reading... I am serious here... on Cupid... for the right reason. Nobody wants to be ALONE. and Until I find this special lady... That I am SEEKING. . to complete me!! I am open to friendships and occasional lunch or dinners... a day on the beach... maybe excursions around the Island. Places I have not ventured.. and desire to see and know. But I prefer.. and Hope.. to do it .. with someone very special.. and desirable. YOU? It never hurts to have friends. But it is not my main purpose to be on Cupid. Now About Me: My name is Zacharias and I live in the states AND in the Dominican .. near Juan Dolio. Do you know it?? I have been coming to my Dominican paradise for ten years. And Living here 3 years. And soon to retire there. (But I will always work.. it keeps me vital, and energetic.) I return in December 2023… for 3 months. I have .. what I call .. "A Mirror Reflection Personality" Philosophy. Looking at the person I love... for me is like.. looking in a mirror... and the reflection you will receive from me... will be Magnified, far greater than the warmth dedication attention passion care and love, that I see.. and receive from you. If someone is kind.. and friendly.. “I mirror it back to them” I like to think of myself.. as a gentleman. Only YOU.. can make that decision.. for yourself. I am a generous man .. and I want to please and make .. the Joven “Sita” .. who has my attention .. Happy and Content I have never been married ... so, no children. and I do want family with child or children. I believe a relationship .. for a happy and contented Couple.. It Must Be.. A Two-Way Street! The Chemistry.. thoughts.. feelings.. must be felt.. from both of us. Not just One of us. No One Way Streets.. in a relationship. For my partner.. my confidante... my muse.. my best friend.. My Lover.. to walk hand in hand.. bright eyes.. and smiles... in this life.. toward a ring.. and our beautifully happy family. (((So many on Cupid.. don't answer ANY questions... that's a red flag... a STOP sign. How genuine and real.. can they be? When "saying" wanting to find a commitment and marriage.. someone special? I do not think so.. or take them serious. Oh well.. to each person their own.))) And if I see... you wrote a smart.. Intelligent.. and Meaningful profile... THAT will speak volumes for you… to me. it is enchanting to me.. to read about you! when so many write nothing. I love Intelligence.. to be honest.. it is like an aphrodisiac for me. Jjjjjj serio. and Intelligence does not require a college degree. Why do Latin men NOT appreciate it?? Threatened? Intimidated? Afraid to be outsmarted? Jjjjj for me it is mandatory. I have several SECRETS.. I will share with you Tengo algunos secretos... Compartiré con ustedes 1. ¡Me encanta la inteligencia! Es un afrodisíaco para mí. jjjj Serio! jjjj úsalo ahora.. Si i=Nuevo! ¿Qué es igb-hdi-eeed? ¿hmm? moneda de diez DIME.. Example 1 A secret for you… I am a committed Sapiosexual! Jjjjj It is not dirty.. or perverted.. JJJJJJ Your lesson for the day is.. to Google it PLEASE! jjjjjj it will broaden your vocabulary … and knowledge. Care to teach me something??? I am ready… jjjj As you can also see.. I love to joke.. have fun.. tease.. and laugh. There will not be boring days. Or nights.. And if I read... we have a lot in common... And A possibly Chemistry... to possibly meet you! To see.. if there can be a future. That excites me.. Do I cook for you? Or do we go out to dinner? I love to cook.. and I also can wash dishes… will you dry them? Finally My Key Words… important and can define me… and what I seek Spontaneous Spontaneity Honest to the point of exaggeration Intelligence I am Sapiosexual (Did you Google it?) Family Spiritual Spirituality Culture Etiquette Hygiene the Sea animals Nature One of the most important for me is: RECIPROCATION that is when You.. have the DESIRE.. to want to do something.. much more.. so many times OVER.. the amount .. that you RECEIVE.. from ME (and I receive from YOU) and wants.. desires.. to Give and shines MORE Love and Attention... expresses to the person... in the relationship.. whether it is 2 x’s or 100 x’s.. can You IMAGINE… how beautiful.. peaceful.. giving.. and LOVING the world would be.. If Everyone Did that! ahhh and words not in my personal Dictionary (only for others.. ) Jealousy – WHY?!! It only causes heartaches... and problems.. and separates two beautiful spirits. I was with an ex standing in line.. to go into a movie I turned and saw a man.. eyes (and mouth jjj) wide open looking at her. when the man saw.. I was looking at him staring at her. He quickly turned and looked.. the other way I excused myself... and told her.... I would be right back. I walked up to the man.. and said, “Yes.. she is very beautiful! And even More On the INSIDE. And Thank you.. for the complement. and walked away. WHY.. because if someone looks at .. the “lady” I am with.. they ARE giving me.. a complement.. Because the woman.. is with ME… chooses to be.. With Me!!! Why be Jealous of a complement!!! Seriio! Jjjj Hate. I do not like to even type the word.. to say negative words gives them Power.. in your life. Now, Do you dare.. to continue reading ??? to Know what I look for.. what I seek? What I desire.. in my life? What do you think ?? It is ALWAYS the woman’s prerogative.