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23 San Felipe de Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Seeking: Male 25 - 40
Religion: Christian - Other
I am a sympathetic person I like to go out know places I love to be I and I hope that you accept my personality I am fun and especially very hot risueña I study administration of hotel and tourist companies and soon will finish my professional career I would like to know someone who knows what i like to dance to enjoy life to the fullest and spend time with my loved ones. I am a responsible person, I really like to be punctual to every place I go to, I am very honest and direct with all people, I am annoyed by the lack of respect for the other people. I consider myself respectful, I am a girl who fights for her ideals and for the things I want for my well-being, I know that life is very difficult but I always try to get over me day by day. I do not like the injustices and I try to help others, I know that this is part of our life and we must know how to deal with it. I don't like liar and hypocritical people, in life we have to know how to choose friendships because some are good and others bad, true friends always support you and help you in good and bad times. What I like to do is to be in constant learning everything I see, and listening serves me to put it into practice, I am very curious, all knowledge serves you for something, whether for work, school, that gives you more capacity to reach a better resolution in any situation that you are present. what i dislike is the lazy people who wait for everything to fall from heaven, the lazy people, the proud and proud. My goals are to become someone important, I have always had that concern to be remembered by people, but to become that I want to know that I have to first study and prepare, I want to become a teacher of initial, i know that i have a lot to do but i have to strive to meet that goal.
29 Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Seeking: Male 34 - 50
Religion: Christian - Other
I am a normal girl with virtues and defects and with rights to make mistakes. I like peace, food, sleep cooking, love, be beloved, the passion, the romantic, the delivery, the brave and daring despite being shy; I like to commit follies sound, I am somewhat innovative, fieeell, lover of the clean and organized, quite dreamy :) and analyzer, I have something of tercadez but I am very sympathetic, I put stubborn when I do not understand it but good until that I understand, I do not expect fit into all when I live in a world of multiple diversities. If there is something that characterizes me a lot is the impatience, what coquettish, daring and curious who say that I am in spite of my shyness, I think that is something innate, I don't realize that such i. Sometimes I pretend ruda and hard, and I get quite well, the hardships have helped me on that, I really don't like to be shy, I suffered a lot so it is for this reason that I fight with my strength against it, I believe that I have accomplished something, but even did not leave the tenderness or ñoñería. I like to dream follies, because I have always believed since I accepted Christ in my heart that if I have to God on my side, I have my magic wand. As for the no impossible, the goal is to have faith that the mountain is removed. So a few of my dreams more crazy at a time so difficult, is to become a virtuous woman, a woman who has disappeared and to which all call mad and /or sinful, for being truly attentive, truly wolf, truly concerned, truly wise, truly Mansa, truly careful, truly dirty with whom I, analytical, reconstructive, multifa-cetica. and particularly fanciful; I am that I think all the fantasies if you are pleasing to God, there is that enlistarla to perform them. Another of my dreams, loquísimo loquísimo, is that my prince of colors I get to know, in an afternoon or night of rain, the rain is so fierce that I do not have another remedy to be trapped under a tent waiting to be rescued by the. jjj that night or afternoon turns to your favor, that the dim light illumine our around, and that only their gazes enamoren my interior and that in the days to come, that I do not ask for a kiss, but that i robe subtly.
27 Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
Religion: Christian - Other



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