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41 Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic
Seeking: Male 35 - 55
Thanks to read carefully my profile that will avoid vain expectation, and waste of time. I do describe the type of man inspire me. Locking compatibilities that will keep strong a relationship. We all know why we are here, what we want, where we want to be and which type we looking.We are adults. I'm a God fearing woman, As a Christian, religion is part of my life. Living in CANADA FOR NOW, Polyglotte , Calm romantic woman who appreciates a mature man , to know how to keep life balance to enjoy life in family and create strong ties memories experience together. honest , high moral, loyal, family oriented and self-destiny accomplished in cooperation with the partnership life,faithful, ministry oriented, intelligent, Self care oriented, business oriented, building manager oriented , mature emotional and on, care of self figure by eating healthy, and exercises, I'm friendly,respectful, engagement with vision and determination, resilience, with all my trust and hope in Yeshua whom strengthen me. In my point of view I'm completely in Yeshua, and union is all about purpose. If YAWEH created mariage as the 1 institution, with 2 persons completed in him, it's become understandable to accomplish the purpose in Yeshua, and being blessed in the journey. Very important to have a strong relationships with YAWEH and be a keeper of the Sabbath day, being involved in your church community. Seeking the fruit of the spirit, and having fruit of your relationship with Yeshua in your daily life. Like CERTAIN tips of the old fashion man If you have kids, I do love kids.But DOn't TEXT ME. With all respect to them. But I decided to live a life with no drama with ex mom or wife and uneducated children. For safety reasons. I want a peaceful time for the rest of my days, some people having miss education or immature emotionally can not understand time to let go. By my side you won't have it, I already take care of it. If your are divorced, separate out of acceptation bible principals. Don't text me IMPORTANT preferences AGES: 35 to 55, the exception can come after IF,🤔 No dread, locked hair. If you smoke, drinks, if your profile is not edited, also if you're not involved or engaged in your community congregation please don't text me, to not waste your time. Not interesting only about your interested likes example) biking , type of food etc. There are subject to be changed time to time. My concerned is what's the foundation of your life, and the compatibilities we share. For now Just friends per correspondence, someone in the same compatibilities dimension, who is patient to start changing e-mail 1. I have a teen princess.Want 1 more child if YAWEH allow me. AND WANT TO PASS THE REST OF MY LIFE IN THE CARRIBEAN , WHERE I FEEL THE TROPICAL BREEZE BE BLESSED
43 Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago, Dominican Republic
Seeking: Male 40 - 50
SOME THINGS THAT I MAY want to know about myself.😊 . I believe in God:🙌🏼 .., although I do not belong to or practice a particular religion I was born and raised in a Catholic family and understand that everything I am, have and the things I have attained have been the product of blessings and a force majeure, that is, I'm a music lover: I like almost all rhythms, to the point that I sing a song at the top of my lungs and dance a reggaeton down' 🤣 I love to read: e Not only because it nourishes me with knowledge, but because it allows me to enrich my vocabulary, transport me to another universe, share with others what I learned and grow even more! I am 44 years old, 2 children 2.24 a beautiful grandson 🤩 And although I seem to be younger: I consider myself and others perceive me quite mature, since I have faced situations in life that have made me an independent, confident and tenacious person.. d of my favorite foods: the avocado • is like a black pant for me (paste with to\") there is no food that I have not tasted with avocado I think and it is because since I was little ídí to eat it and I have always loved it.. • of my favorite drinks.... Wine, for its essence, texture and aroma, I have dedicated myself to try a different one whenever possible and it is one of the drinks and moments that I enjoy the most in good company..\NME I consider a very joky and funny person: to the point that my friends define me as the craziest, 🤣but it is because I love to see others laugh, I enjoy ) to bring a smile to others.. I enjoy my time with my family and • friends: ) for me it is very valuable to contact with the people you love and are one of the little things I enjoy whenever I can. What else would you like to know about me?\Na you what things fill you? What things do you enjoy doing? CosasQuenosabiasdemi Conoceunpocodemi



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