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59 Seattle, Washington, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 44
Born in England to my US Born father stationed there, I am half Italian on my Dad's side and (mostly) half Scottish on my Mom's.  In fact, not only was Sean Connery's Mom born in the same absurdly small barely-a-village on the Storied Isle of Skye in the Scottish Hebrides as my Mom's father, but I've been told countless times over the years, I remind people - total strangers also - of Sean Connery.  I don't see it but whatever works, right?! :) I have deep heritage on both sides with my last name actually being the Symbol of Firenze. For real.  Big....no...crazy huge big shoes to fill! Anyone who says their heritage doesn't shape us, is wrong.  Some of us know it while fewer of us own it, for Good or otherwise.  Happily I come from Cool Stock but like I said, big shoes to fill.  I am working on it.  For real.  And big, too. So I have what is easily one of the largest hearts anyone can claim, while still being able to function in society knowing you must first ensure you are strong enough to swim for both yourself AND the drowning man you try and save, prior to your diving into the water to do so.  Otherwise you may very well BOTH die. I have a deep passion for so many things I can't hope to list them all.  I feel music deep in my soul, along with a whole lot more.  I have played piano since I was five, composing on the fly, such that many who knew me in school were convinced I'd pursue something to do with music as a career.  Not thus far. I can sometimes track with the Three Tenors, hitting all their notes and sounding awfully Blessed doing so.  I have largely managed my self critic though it took me decades to get here; one tool is the Blessings topic.  You can have too many and it can confuse you (good at too many things; "what should I pursue?") but also, tick off a WHOLE lot of others around you, from school and into adulthood.  "Sorry to upset you there, guess I will just get all sloppy here and let you kick a** on me then?!".  ...then one day you realize many of your Blessings if not most or perhaps even all, really can touch people.  And have.  Many.  Meaningfully, too.  If true and you've seen it, then you realize, if there's such a thing as sin in this life, wouldn't "keeping Our Blessings that can touch others, "selfishly" (self critic can amount to this!) to ourselves, qualify as much a sin as many others?" ...I likely didn't write the above very eloquently, but hope my point came through. I've launched and turned around many companies, mostly in tech and Medtech.  I've also literally saved lives by being at the right place, right time and doing the right thing with virtually no time to think.  Wasnt me doing so; I was surely a "mere vessel", so to speak, at the time.  Witnesses for each, including WA State Patrol for one, and Olympic National Park Ranger plus Sheriff for another, as easy examples.  Each were moments like quite a lot (lot of moments not saving a lot of lives) I've experienced, where as I say, "atheists would reconsider.". Truly. My immediate family - both parents and my two younger sisters, followed me to Washington State - truly breathtaking part of North America.  If you like natural beauty and a respectable range of it, the Northwestern US has this in spades with Washington State easily one of the standout jewels in the Northwestern US "Crown Jewels!".  But to my eye, it makes little sense to be here if you aren't going to actively enjoy it.  Which I was wired to do long before. So I am very active with sailing, skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading, bicycling, kayaking, motorcycling and more.  Staying active is easily one of the smartest investments in our total health and well being, of any we can make.  Happily there is a significant culture here around this, so you can also get a lot of good business done in far more compelling settings, getting far more fresh air and exercise, than the standard "Golfing Meeting.". Not that golf is bad! I am commonly guessed by strangers including young and old, of my being younger than my real age.  In looks and how I carry myself.  The guesses usually range from low to mid 40s with most shocked when they learn I am older than mid 40s.  Happily in business, many and often most of my peers average a decade or more my senior, but given my full immersion style forever in business, it is quickly evident I have learned an awful lot, so I don't get treated as "junior" by any means ever.  I am told I have a strong presence and given how often total strangers smile at me, apparently I have an open "happy look." I do get checked out when out and about, including by some very attractive ladies now and again.  Sometimes you can meet someone that makes sense to see if "they are - finally - the one," but it can be an exceedingly small pond here in the area I live, for a lot of reasons.  So why not reach out via the Internet, right?! Thank You to those of you who got all this way, through all this content.  I have what I term Pesky Fast Fingers on keyboards.  My youngest sister who has worked for me a few times and knows how to touch type very fast, watched me closely one time years ago and said I shunt be able to go so quickly as I typed "completely wrong.". Story of my life; tending a bit contrarian but not a spiteful or stupid one, I am known to be able to get folks out of their box, "work the system to advantage" when the system is really wrong in certain settings (impacted National Policy one time in an effort where Dee Hock Founder of VISA got involved and introduced us to a lot more heavyweights than we already had involved and I was the lead architect and leading driver of that effort, which was a total out of box approach). Okay, sorry.  I had thanked you for getting so far.  Then kept going. Oops.  :) Good Luck in Your Searches! Steve Sent from my iPad



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